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Why Is My Cabinetry So Dang Expensive?

Posted by Gavi Halpern on Thursday, May 17, 2018 5:24 PM


Typically, and surprising to most clients, your highest priced line item for a kitchen remodel is going to be the cabinetry, BY FAR. This is especially the case when you are working with custom cabinetry lines and a specific design apart from your average “L” shaped kitchen. It can seem really daunting, scary, and confusing. Sometimes you might even think you are being taken advantage of and your contractor is just marking your cabinetry up 1000%. In reality, custom cabinetry is expensive but it is also an investment in your space. A good one.

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What makes the cabinetry so expensive though? With custom cabinetry, there are a bazillion options. If you walk into a remodeling showroom and see samples of custom cabinetry, its very easy to work with a designer on mixing and matching woods, door styles, and finishes to create the exact look you want in your space. Not even mentioning aesthetics, not all kitchens are going to be the same size, shape, or style. When you are working with a designer there’s typically a design that you are working on together. This design is so individual to you as a client!


With such an individual design, comes the cost. When we think anything custom or artisan, organic or home-made, we’re going to automatically assume a higher cost. Nothing changes with cabinetry. A lot of cabinet manufacturers put time and money into their craftsman and product to ensure a beautiful and lasting cabinet. Many of our cabinet lines have 25 year finish warranties with a limited lifetime cabinet box warranty. That’s incredible. Now with all the modifications available to a custom cabinet line, also consider the individual made-to-order cabinets that are designed specifically for a space and how much time and material go into those types of boxes.

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One more thing to consider is the cost of cabinetry installation. Just like the actual craftsmanship of the cabinet, the installation of those cabinets is a whole other skill. The cabinetry needs to be hung and level, the drawer glides need to be installed correctly, any soft-close hardware also needs to be installed, shelving, fillers, crown, trim, etc. Pinterest might make it look easy, but both the cabinetry making and the installing are a craft that takes time to perfect. That’s why you’re paying someone to do it instead of doing it yourself, right?


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Written by Gavi Halpern