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The Reality of Wood Look Tile: Pros and Cons

Posted by Gavi Halpern on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 4:46 PM



We’ve mentioned this in previous blog posts; wood flooring is timeless. But, hardwood flooring does have its downfalls that might not make it the best choice everywhere that you’d want to put it. The kitchen or bathroom, for example is not exactly the prime place to have beautiful hardwood installed. Why? Because hardwood is very rarely water resistant. You could always pay the extra costs for a “water-resistant” finish, but it’s never guaranteed. Lucky for you, there are alternatives to achieving the beautiful look of wood flooring without the worry. Among other products, today we’ll discuss the pros and cons of wood look tile.


There are a number of pros associated with wood look tile over hardwood flooring.

  • For one, wood look tile is typically made using HD Inkjet technology, giving the tile that signature wood grain as well as the familiar texture that definitely make it hard to tell the difference between wood and tile.
  • Wood look tile is also significantly easier to maintain in any area as opposed to natural hardwood. As we touched on above, hardwood is not water resistant, while tile definitely is. It also has that durability factor meaning that the tile itself is far less likely to get scratched, indented, or chipped.
  • The best part for some, wood look tile typically has a much lower material cost next to average hardwood flooring pricing.  Because you’re not having to worry about the rarity of the wood species coupled with the finish options and the width of the wood, ceramic and porcelain tile prices tend to be a great deal less expensive depending on the brand.
  • The best part for others, ecological sustainability! Wood look tile has the beauty of natural wood without having to actually chop down trees to attain it. Because tile is crafted from clay instead of trees, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing however many acres of the forest to have your beautiful flooring.
  • There are so many style, color, and finish options when it comes to wood look tile. You can go full on luxe with a glossy and highly detailed plank tile, or just as easily go a more traditional route with a textured and light natural look.

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With so many pros, I’m sure you were waiting for the ball to drop. There are definitely cons when it comes to wood look tile, but will the pros outweigh the cons? That’s up to you and your personal needs for your home.

  • A pretty general con to tile in general (this includes plank tile) is the temperature. Ceramic and porcelain tile are considered heat conductors which make the tile itself variably cold to the touch. There is a simple and cost effective way to combat the temperature of your flooring though….underfloor heating! The best of both worlds if you ask us.
  • Another con we typically run into is the higher installation prices. As I’m sure many of our readers know, tile installation is not cheap. There’s a good amount more work that is involved with laying tile compared to hardwood flooring installation or even laminate installation. To lay tile, the subfloor needs to be modified or leveled to prevent any warpage or cracking in the tile. Tile can be temperamental, but we love it all the same. *shrug emoji*
  • For a final point, we wouldn’t consider this necessarily a con, but more a precaution. Because tile is manufactured in what is called “dye lots” typically, it can be hard to match the existing tile if you needed it replaced at a later date. A good recommendation is to purchase an additional box or so just in case the worst does occur to your beautiful flooring.


With the pros next to the cons, don’t be afraid to consult a designer about your space. It is their job to know what material would work best based on what you are looking for and the space you are thinking about. With great minds working together, the possibility of creating a fantastic and functional space only grows.

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Written by Gavi Halpern