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Float in Luxury with Floating Vanities

Posted by Gavi Halpern on Thursday, March 22, 2018 5:03 PM

There are several types of vanities that someone can put in a bathroom, but which ones are the most beneficial for the space? Obviously the more intricate and large the vanity, the more space the bathroom area would need to accommodate it. A beautiful possibility that works well in most spaces, be it a master bathroom or even a powder room, is a floating vanity.

                                         floatingvanity6.jpg   floatingvanity5.jpg

What is a floating vanity per say? A floating vanity,  or “wall-hanging vanity” is typically thought of as a contemporary piece that wouldn’t compliment a more traditional space. But times are a changin’ folks! There are so many customization options with floating vanities on the market today that can accommodate various styles, fixtures, and spaces.


Why consider a floating vanity? There are a number of good reasons…

  • Floating vanities offer the look of a more open and larger bathroom for a smaller space
  • If you are using heated flooring, having the floor under the vanity exposed can offer more square footage of heat
  • Makes it easier to clean underneath of the vanity with the exposed flooring (no more trying to reach a mop under there!)
  • With all of the customization options available, don’t you worry about lacking storage space. We can even configure tall cabinets to float alongside the vanity sink!
  • The height of the wall-hanging vanity can even be customized to the height desired, similar to an average vanity height and the “adult height” vanity which is the typical height of kitchen base cabinetry
  • Additional lighting, be it ambient or functional, can be added underneath of the vanity


Although there is a tad more work required for the installation of a wall-hanging vanity (extra support backing, slight plumbing re-configurations) the benefits far out-weigh the necessary additional labor.

                                            floatingvanity1.jpg  floatingvanity2.jpg

It is usually pretty overwhelming to go over all of the options one can put into even a single bathroom. With the help of an experienced designer, they can suggest sizes, colors, styles, and much more based on the functionality and aesthetic you are looking for.

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Written by Gavi Halpern