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Aging in Place and ADA: Planning for Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted by Gavi Halpern on Monday, May 7, 2018 5:31 PM



Remodeling is a stress all on its own, trust us. But what about the added thought of wanting to grow old in your home? Or if you suddenly need special accommodations to continue your once easy independence? These are added stresses that can make a remodel much more than about aesthetics and “more storage”. Especially in today’s market, designers need to be aware of these scenarios so they can plan and functionally design these special spaces. New products come out all the time that also enhance these spaces, paired with your designer’s know-how, there’s no doubt you can continue to grow and create amazing memories in your home. Here’s some awesome ideas to clue you in on the many ways that your space can be perfectly accommodating as well as beautiful.


Curb-less Walk In Showers

The wonderful thing that is curbless showers offer so many things to so many designs. Not only can a wheelchair be rolled into this shower, but aesthetically a tub can also be placed in these showers as well as negating the need for a shower door.  It takes custom to an all new level. These types of showers are also not much more expensive than your average custom tiled shower, as it’s just a different pan! Another huge benefit that ties back to aging in place or ADA design is the fact that there’s no need to “step over” a shower curb, enabling better stability that would otherwise require something to hold on to in order to get into the shower.

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Grab Bar Upgrades

Normally when we consider grab bars, we think hospital bathrooms with the bulky and obvious support bars; but there are such beautiful products out there now! Consider a shampoo shelf that supports 500lbs with super strong backing, or even a toilet paper holder that gives the extra “oomph” to lift yourself off of the commode. There are such sleek and pretty ways to disguise grab bars/items while still being so very functional.

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High Friction Rated Flooring

Compliant with the American Disabilities Act, ceramic and porcelain tile have to be tested for their dynamic coefficient of friction; or basically how slippery that tile is when it is wet. Obviously the sleeker the tile, the more likely it will be super slippery even if it is a tad wet. On the other hand, the higher the DCOF, the less likely for someone to slip on this tile. The higher the dynamic friction rating, the less slippery the tile itself is while wet. Because this has been a stipulation for tile in the ADA, there are numerous styles and designs that comply to help prevent slips and falls in any environment.

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And of course, Walk-In Tubs

These are the typical go-to when it comes to aging in place or making a bathroom more ADA compliant. These tubs are awesome, and are so useful even before you think you might actually “need” them. Many of them are jetted for extra relaxation, many also double as a shower to add efficiency and even style. The two big things to focus on when it comes to adding a walk-in tub for aging in place or ADA is the wonderful seated areas in the tub as well as the “curbless” feel of these tubs without having to design a completely custom walk-in shower area.

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We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it many more times, but CONSULT YOUR DESIGNER! Some design firms (like us 😊) offer this service at no cost to you. Your designer will be knowledgeable on what can go where and what the best options are for the functionality you hope to achieve.

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Written by Gavi Halpern