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Remodeling Impacts More Than Just Home Value: Color Effect & Spatial Design

Posted by Gavi Halpern on Friday, March 9, 2018 5:36 PM

When anyone begins the process of even looking into a remodel, the key factors are usually price and how much they can recoup from the project if and when they decide to sell. What people don’t usually consider? How the finished product can impact their mood for years to come. Not only the way the space is designed, but even the color choices and how they coincide with each other can have a drastic yet subconscious effect on your day-to-day mood! Follow these tips to ensure you can choose the right design aspects for your space and how you want to feel when you live in it.

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Know the Difference Between Custom Tiled Showers & Acrylic Pan Showers

Posted by Gavi Halpern on Monday, February 26, 2018 5:20 PM

It’s no surprise that we all desire a big and beautiful, super functional shower with sprayer jets, multiple shower heads, shower seats, etc., but we often don’t know the difference between having a large shower that’s customized to your taste and the functionality/options of a standard acrylic shower base. What’s the cost difference? What’s the functionality difference? What’s appropriate for the space? Why should I care about any of this I just want a good shower? Great questions that all can be answered, my friend.

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All About That Space: Remodeling with Murphy Doors and Beds

Posted by Gavi Halpern on Monday, February 19, 2018 5:21 PM

Whenever we think about Murphy Beds we usually imagine tiny studio apartments in a big city, or in my case the Murphy couch in Arnold’s attic bedroom from Nickelodeon’s Hey, Arnold!. What we don’t think about is how they can really be an efficient use of space if the goal is to make a spare bedroom out of a home office, or even a living room area. The idea of Murphy Beds have really matured and made a name for themselves in this contemporary home design era. Plus, Murphy Doors are a really awesome thing too! Read below for some chic ways to incorporate Murphy Beds and Doors into your space.

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CPR for the Heart of Your Home : Kitchen Remodeling Advice

Posted by Anthony Obedoza on Monday, February 5, 2018 4:38 PM

Many say that your kitchen is the heart of your home. If you think about it, your kitchen is probably the most used room in the house. Not only is it where you make your meals, it is also where you entertain, where your kids do their homework, where you have your family meetings, and where you pay your bills. Reviving your kitchen is where you will get one of the largest returns on your investment and the room, once remodeled, will give you the greatest area of satisfaction. As you plan for your next kitchen remodel, consider the following kitchen remodeling advice:

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It's Bath Time! 🛀Things you should know about bathroom renovations...

Posted by Anthony Obedoza on Monday, January 22, 2018 5:34 PM

Bathrooms go by many names and serve many purposes. My kids call their bathroom their "splash playground". My wife calls it her "private retreat." I call it "where I get ready for work in the morning." Whatever your name or purpose for your bathroom, there are questions to ask as you contemplate your bathroom renovations.

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3 Remodeling Resolutions to Usher in a Successful and Happy 2018

Posted by Gavi Halpern on Monday, January 22, 2018 3:20 PM

It’s easy for someone to verbalize a stereotypical New Year’s resolution. We all do it every single year and tell ourselves, “this will be the year that I accomplish (insert resolution)!”. The best way to defend against those empty promises is to really invest in that resolution. Nothing worth doing is ever easy or fast. That same value goes with our pesky New Year’s resolutions, evedn remodeling resolutions. If the result of the resolution is not something worth it to us individually, why bother?

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